A brand new way
of sensing your partner

2 days that give an opportunity to awaken
the sensitivity of any partner
Awakening the body
to bright sensations
With the removal of physical and energy blocks a huge amount of forces are released, opening access to the sensations that were not reachable before. All sensory organs reach their peak. Absolutely new sensation of a body and life is obtained.
The skill of
a correct prelude to love
During tantric massage there is a deep co-tuning of partners and recognition of each other at a qualitatively different level. Usage of this practice at home just before the act of love allows you to make it many times more sensual and intense.
Relief, comparable with
2 weeks of vacation
The body is deeply relaxed due to removing the blockage of nerve endings. Relaxation of mind and heart gives freedom to senses. After training the participants feel themselves charged and rested as after a long vacation in the warm lands.
Key techniques
that you will learn at the training
Tantric massage. A special sequence of touches that reveal sensitivity.
The art of taking massage. Ability to get more from the interaction with a partner.
"Electric" touch. Special technique of light touches with deep effect.
Tuning with a partner. Techniques for harmonious beginning and ending of interaction.
The art of choosing a pair. The technique of choosing the right partner for practice and life.
Seva Prem demonstrates tantric massage
You can learn to give the same bright sensations in just 2 days
It is not necessary to have a partner
All the techniques are soft and ecological, so if you do not have a partner,
you can choose it right at the training
About the results of training at first-hand
"...Tantra unblocks many new opportunities, new feelings and revelations..."
Natalia Sotnikova (Tomsk)
Good day, I want to share my impressions about the seminar. Two days of intensive study of tantric massage, energy exchange and lively communication flew by in one breath. I didn't know much about tantra before- and this practice was very unusual and inspiring for me. I felt that blocks and worries are leaving my body- and after a seminar I just had a will "To love all the living things endlessly ." Tantra unblocks many new possibilities, new feelings and revelations. I want to express my gratitude to Seva Prem - the host of the seminar and simply a wonderful man who came to us in Tomsk from St. Petersburg for two days; to a wonderful organizer Elena Zavrina and all the participants that were on the training- you're so different and interesting people! I will wait for the next seminars, this is just a thing that can not be missed!
"...Seva helped me to open up to a partner and relax in the energies
given to me..."
Ivan Ixar (Moscow)
I am grateful to Seva for the two-day training that he conducted. During the training I felt that He was addressing me everything he said while he was explaining the features of tantric massage in a friendly and gentle way. The meditative atmosphere of his voice filled the room and carried away .. Seva helped me to open up to a partner and relax in the energies given to me; He helped me to share my energy and get even more fulfilment and enjoyment from it .. The mystery of tantric massage is known by me for a bit- and the desire to feel it again does not leave me)..
"...I am so delighted with the practise..."
Irina Volkova (Saint Petersburg)
I was at Seva's training. Before that my understanding of tantric massage and Tantra, was quite undeveloped. I'm just so delighted with the practice. Each educational segment itself is very informative, accessible and pleasing for both of those who accept and give. The form in which Seva gives information is very soft and at the same time is attentive to details. For me, as for woman, Seva's way of giving information is very comfortable and safe. I am grateful to the partner I worked with. I am grateful to Seva Prem for giving me the opportunity to expand the borders of physical contact with my partner. Tantric massage surely enriches relationships, makes interaction between partners more full and can be applied even to people who do not have much experience. I regret I wasn't recording everything for myself. I will definitely go again to the training.
"...The sensations are incredible, the discovery of myself,
my internal state..."
Elena Frolova (Chelyabinsk)
A very magical group has happened to get together. It is so wonderful to feel how alive the body can be, to feel the partner (I had a magical partner), and the energy of the group. The sensations are incredible, the discovery of myself, my internal state. The organizers did their best, I thank them very much for this training. I thank the leading master Seva Prem, he helped me to open this my new state- very gently, very delicately, but so orgasmically.
Video reviews
Impressions of participants at first hand
3 reasons
on which training awakens the sensitivity and taste of life in 100% of people
"Tantra of Love" Technique
Tantra of Love is a synthesis of classical Hindu tantra and Neo Tantra of Master Osho. Without pseudo-tantric interpretations and low sexual energies, it considers sexuality as an aspect of a true human nature, which must be accepted to achieve harmony with oneself and the world.
Heartful atmosphere,
Absence of random people
We don't know how it works, but each training attracts only people who shine with inner beauty, even if they do not notice it by themselves.

Magnificent music and aromas, the atmosphere of cleanliness and safety allow you to relax deeply and feel all the techniques at their full potential.
Seva Prem is master of the training
"One day, 19 years ago, I've read the book «Tantra of love». This book changed my ideas about love, sensitivity and sexuality forever. It revealed a completely different dimension of the world to me, but it left a way more questions than answers. There was a very beautiful and complex theory, but it wasn't clear how to put it into practice. And then, step by step, I began to search the answers. For 19 years I have read a lot of books, participated in all sorts of trainings, I visited a lot of masters to get this knowledge at first hand. And now I have framed all the most important knowledge I collected into three applied training courses- so that anyeveryone who want to discover their own sensuality and feel a different taste for life don't have to repeat my long journey and immerse deeply into complex esoteric knowledge. And now everyone can get a new depth of feeling for oneself, one's partner and life in general in just two days "

Seva Prem
Host of the event
Other masters about Seva Prem's trainings
The terms of participation
We have done everything to make tantra affordable for everyone
Things that are necessary to have for training: a massage oil (natural!), sheet, light clothing, flip-flops.
You can bring a small pillow for your comfort. And you can take a drinking water, 1,5-2 liters.
For lunch you can bring fruit, dried fruit, something for tea and a cup.

7900 RUB. - until the 25th of October
8900 RUB. - until the 12th of November
9900 RUB. - on the day of training
20% discount for each beautiful participant you invited.
40% discount for 2 beautiful participants
60% discount for 3 beautiful participants
80% discount for 4 beautiful participants
100% discount for 5 beautiful participants

Also there is a discount of 20% as a personal gift for all the participants that have been invited.

The cost is 4900 RUB for all repeat participants of the same training .
Frequently asked Questions
What experience is required to participate?
Our trainings are suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Each participant voices his request at the beginning of the training, and can see its realization by the end of the second day. Does it look like magic? Come to us and see for yourself :))
Is it necassary to come with a partner?
Coming with a partner is not necessary. Those who have their couple, they go into this study, this journey together- they will discover each other's new faces, come closer together, enjoy the opportunity to spend two wonderful days in each other's company. Those who will come to the training without a couple can harmoniously find themselves a partner with the help of a technique, specially selected for this purpose. They will get deeper into the experience of knowing themselves and their reactions to other people. Also we already had several cases when couples formed at the training remained pairs in real life :)))
Can I come for 1 day?
Unfortunately, this is not provided by our training. It is because all practices at training are related and given in a certain sequence with varying degrees of depth.
Do you have any discount system?
Yes, we have discounts for couples and friends.
If you come together, then the discount amount will be 1000 RUB for each of you, if you come in three, then the discount will be 1500 RUB for each, if you come in four, then the training will cost 2000 RUB less than claimed for each of the friends.
The more wonderful people you bring, the more the discount is.
Also we provide discounts for repeat participants of trainings.
How do I pay?
To reserve a place at the training, it is necessary to sign up with the administrator and if he confirms that there are vacant seats, to make an advance payment to the Sberbank credit card or personally to the administrator, providing your name and what training you are signing up for.
The rest of the amount can be paid directly at the training.
How many people are going to be on the training?
You know, we do not have people at all)) On our trainings there are only goddesses and gods, about 60-70 total.
What do I have to wear?
In clothes in which it is comfortable and convenient for you to move.
Will I have to undress?
Seva Prem has massage techniques that are aimed at awakening energy, they can be done both in clothes and without.
At the training you determine what you need and what you want.

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